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Conversations From the Little Pink Book

Lena Gosik-Wolfe

Welcome to "Conversations From the Little Pink Book," where female entrepreneurs come together for candid conversations about self-worth, authenticity, and finding empowerment through entrepreneurship.

In the podcast, host Lena Gosik-Wolfe explores the journey of discovering one's true self and purpose, particularly for women undervalued and stifled by societal pressures. Lena has dedicated her career as a brand strategist to serving female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses. It is her mission to help women embrace their unique gifts, gain confidence in their abilities, and find purpose in their lives.

She has built "The Little Pink Book (of Women Supporting Women)" over the last several years as a resource to foster connections, encourage collaboration, and celebrate the successes of the women around her. Now, she's bringing her candid conversations with fellow female entrepreneurs to the podcast to discuss the unique challenges we face as women in the business world and explore topics like patriarchal conditioning, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, self-promotion, personal growth, and self-confidence.

"I know you have a unique magic to share with the world. 

Through these conversations, I hope you'll discover how to achieve success in a way that feels right for you and brings you the joy that can only come from fully realizing your potential.

Join me in my "Conversations From The Little Pink Book"–when women support women, incredible things can happen!"

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